Welcome to Celestial Energy Healing

If you met me on the street most would say I look like a typical woman with no remarkable features.  You might feel comfortable enough to ask me a question if you’re in need of help or just need some information. People seem to sense that it is safe to approach me.

I’ve had strangers start to talk, and before I know it, are deep in telling me about their life. Sometimes they will remark they don’t know why they felt the need to say as much as they did.

More than once I’ve had people tell me they feel peaceful around me, hence going with the name Cyrenity.

I had an Akashic Reading with Debbie Solaris as a birthday treat for myself.  She is great and I highly recommend her. She also has some videos on YouTube. Anyway, in the reading I was told I was here as a First Wave to help people reach higher vibrationaly,  which in turn would be like a ripple that could reach many others.

The more I learned about Quantum healing and took a Energy Transfer Reset class with Beverly Nation , the more questions I had! So I thought it would be wise to include a blog to answer questions you might have. Please send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them. I look forward to all the interesting paths we will take!