Light Activation Frequency, from Star Consciousness, is drawn down through the Universal Gridlines into the practitioner's hands.  Utilizing the force of Sacred Geometry Grid Points and Grid Lines, the flow of frequency transmitted to the client's body depends on how much the client accepts or how much the body can handle. This energy frequency is an extremely high level vibration, so the more healthy a person's body is, the more it can receive.

Working with the frequency, the light activation begins. The practitioner moves around the body following Sacred Geometry Grid Points like a road map.  This directs the practitioner to areas that are in need of attention.  These healings are multi-dimensional, which means that the practitioner is working on the physical body as well as the etheric bodies and connecting out into the Universal gridlines.  This creates a Oneness with everything, an experience many have never felt in this lifetime 



We are all interconnected, through grids, sacred geometry, energy frequency and the Universe.  Over time our connections can weaken due to, but not limited to, common stress, emotional issues, trauma, health issues, and through our daily lives in dealing with toxins and environmental issues.  With Light Activation Healing you can remove much or all of this within your system and etheric bodies to bring yourself back to a natural state of well-being and completeness.

During the sessions, healings can occur on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  In addition, many times release of old karmic and past life issues occur.  Together we set the intention that a client's healing will take place for their highest good.  We are able to work through many issues that may be stored in areas within our bodies from present life and past lives that a person may not know they are carrying in their body or cellular memory.  Whether a client knows of the issue or not, it can be released.  Since everything is interconnected, we can work at deep levels to allow a client to shift out what does not serve them, and rejuvenate and awaken to a state never realized.



Light Activation Healing Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length.  The sessions are performed in person or remotely; either option is equally effective.  At least five sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.  Sessions should be scheduled approximately 5 - 7 days apart.  Once at least five sessions are complete, if necessary, tune-up sessions can be offered and scheduled.  

Sessions can be done in person and just effectively remotely (meaning you are at a distance, you don't have to be present.) 

At least 5 sessions are recommended for full benefit with "tune ups" if necessary.

Some reasons for "tune up" sessions:

Events that created trauma, major upset, physical, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease, and/or wanting to find that feeling of centeredness and completeness again.

Experience this amazing healing technique! 


Some Common Benefits Reported Through Light Activation Healing Sessions: 

Higher awareness

Deeper spiritual connection

Expansion of consciousness

Heightened intuition or psychic abilities

Sense of deep inner peace and harmony

Increased energy and vitality

Clearing of stagnant energy

Emotional releases

Cellular memory clearing and upgrade


Physical healings at many levels and of all types


Once at least 5 Light Activation Healings have been completed move forward with DNA Activation Sessions!


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